Christmas Newsletter & Diary

The weather is getting colder (and wetter and windier as I type), and the twinkling lights of the Christmas season are starting to appear in living room windows – light to drive away the darkness of the lengthening days.

Here is our Christmas newsletter, hopefully also filled with Light, with news of what we have been up to this term.

We also have our new Spring Diary, with details of where we expect to be over the next term and our Christmas greeting to you.

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Summer Newsletter and Diary

We hope you have been enjoying what sunshine this summer has had to offer.

Here is our Summer newsletter, with news of our new worker, the fun and games of our summer holiday club, and what we got up to during Refugee Week, plus lots more.

We also have our new Autumn Diary, with details of where we expect to be over the next term.

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Easter Newsletter and Diary

Happy Easter to all our supporters!

Here is our Easter newsletter, with a focus on our recent 25th Birthday Celebrations, where we enjoyed looking back, celebrating the range of work that we do and praying for the future.

We also have our new Summer Diary, with details of where we expect to be over the next term.

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Christmas Newsletter and Spring Diary

It’s been a busy term as we welcomed our new team member, Adam, did the normal round of assemblies and autumn projects, and started a few new ones. Read our newsletter below to find out about everything that we’ve been up to.

There’s also our spring diary so you can pray us through the next term, plus three added extras – our Christmas card to you, details of the Zephaniah Christmas Shop (get your Christmas presents sorted!) and an order form to get tickets for all the exciting stuff we are doing to celebrate our 25th birthday.

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The Kintsugi Tales

Kintsugi Tales

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Julie’s storytelling with Zephaniah – come and join us to celebrate!

Julie will perform The Kintsugi Tales, a collection of her original stories and borrowed tales, interspersed with songs performed by a live band.
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using beautiful seams of gold, reflecting the philosophy that shattered fragments can be mended and redeemed into things of beauty.
Saturday 17 November, 7.30pm, at St Peter’s Church, Moorhead Lane, Shipley.
Tickets £5 from Zephaniah – request yours using the form below, ring us on 01274 533732 or email


Summer Newsletter & Prayer letter 2018

It’s the start of the Zephaniah year, as the schools start to go back, and its the time of year when we round up what we’ve been doing over the spring and summer. Here’s our latest newsletter, with all the latest news of what the Zephpeeps have been up to. There’s also a link to our prayer diary for the autumn term, so you can pray us on our way.

Summer newsletter: newssummer18web

Autumn prayer letter: summer18diaryweb


Sparks of Hope: The Christmas Resource

Breathe fresh life into the Christmas story with Sparks of Hope, a brand new nativity resource from storyteller Julie Wilkinson.

The Zephaniah Trust is pleased to present our brand new Christmas resource for 2017. 

Sparks of Hope: The Christmas Resource is a collection of original scripts and stories from our storyteller, Julie Wilkinson, which can be used in churches, schools and communities to share the Christmas story. Contents include two all-age nativity scripts (The Historians’ Nativity and The Innkeeper’s Nativity), The Walking Nativity script, and The Midnight Nativity (a set of stories for the stillness and the quietness of Christmas Eve).

Every script and story in the resource book has been written, tried and tested within a church context, resulting in a collection of engaging, dynamic pieces that have been proven to work. Each piece comes with a set of explanatory notes including helpful production hints to take the strain off nativity preparations.
Copies of the book cost £10, plus £2 p&p, and can be ordered direct from the Zephaniah Trust on 01274 533732 or

What they say…

“The sure sign of an authentic storyteller is that they coax us to remember ‘the sparkle and the special’ of that which we may have forgotten, or misplaced. In Julie Wilkinson’s stories and dramas centred on the Nativity, it is as if we, the watchers, become child-like innocent again, eye witnesses to the ‘hidden sparks of glory’. Through Julie’s lyricism the familiar account becomes newly told, revealing moving depths of wonder and revelation. An ‘atmosphere’ of grace is unwrapped, and hence, becomes a gift for us all.”
Stewart Henderson, poet and broadcaster

“With her characteristic flair, humour and storytelling genius, Julie Wilkinson has here provided a fabulous resource for the Festive Season that will engage the hearts and minds of all ages. Whether your focus is to share the Christmas story in your community; to add spiritual depth to the Carol Concert; or simply to bring a bit of sparkle to a tired old Crib Service – Julie’s helpful production hints, clear stage directions and lively scripts do most of the hard work for you! So crack out the crooks; untangle the tinsel; dust off the donkey and get ready for an Incarnation Celebration that is joyful, poetic and profound. Now … where did I put that star?”
The Revd Canon Clare MacLaren, Canon for Music and Liturgy – St Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle

“A really great resource – the Walking Nativity is inspired, why should walks of witness only be reserved for Good Friday? The style is light and in The Historians’ Nativity, I appreciated referencing the difficulties and history of the biblical story of birth. Julie’s materials are brilliant in looking for something that engages, tells the biblical story and invites humour. They are explained well and  allow those that are planning to have a good overview of what they need and how to put it together well. They are the complete package.”
Revd Kezia Robinson, Home Mission Enabler – Yorkshire Baptist Association, and Minister – Wakefield Baptist Church

“Julie has the rare ability not just to bring the scriptures to life but also to shine a light on the commonplace and easily overlooked. She is skilled at presenting a serious message with deft humour and an extraordinary insight. Christmas in Wrose would just not be the same without one of these delightful offerings.”
Revd Colin Blake, Vicar – St Cuthbert’s Church Wrose

Julie Wilkinson has been writing for as long as she can remember, discovered she was a storyteller in 2002, and has worked for the Zephaniah Trust since 2003. Since then, she has taken her traditional performance style into many schools, churches and community settings across Bradford and beyond, sharing Bible stories and folk tales, original material and borrowed stories. She has a gift for bringing stories to life, discovering the magic within the mundane, and connecting with audiences of all ages. She is a firm believer in all-age ministry and is committed to the premise that adults have as much to learn from children as the other way round. She grew up in a Methodist church, spent her young adulthood in a Baptist church, and is currently connected to an Anglican church, where she arrived via GraceSpace, a fresh expression. She is part of a small community called Meadhall, who gather regularly around God’s table and God’s story.
The Zephaniah Trust is a small Christian charity using music and the arts to “take light into dark corners” across Bradford and beyond. Every year, our team of part-time workers reach over 10,000 children in schools throughout the city, providing assemblies, lessons, workshops, events and more. Founded by John Froud in 1994, the Trust is committed to working with those of all faiths and none to make the world a better place. 
Contact us on 01274 533732  or