Zeph Daily 89

Morning, Julia here.

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I got this teapot in my first year at university. I remember it was then, because we were approaching our first set of essay deadlines. I studiously arrived at the library one morning to address this. Several minutes later I left with a group of friends to go to a craft fair…

Several hours later back at uni I was asked by a friend how my essay was going, so I showed her my lovely new teapot!

Anyone else a strong procrastinator?

I would love to say I learnt from the teapot incident, but that would be categorically untrue. Here is a picture of a young-looking me and my mate Steve working hard during the VERY NEXT set of essay deadlines. By ‘working hard’ I refer to the coke and mentos sitting in front of us, ready for our Important Scientific Experiment.

We did not do very much writing in the end.

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So have I learnt from either of these times? No. Am I at least repentant of these incidents? Also no.

I have no regrets whatsoever about these- partly because I did get the essays done anyway, but primarily because I think brilliant things come from procrastination.

Obviously my time at uni was not entirely made up of faff for my own entertainment, but I’m probably most grateful for the bits that were, and am pleased that my past self embraced them.

It can be very easy to become so focused on the end point of something that it’s hard to appreciate other valuable things along the way.

When it comes to following God, it is not an ‘end point’ that you work towards. The point of following God isn’t ‘to get into heaven’. Following God is about him being with us every day of our lives.

This includes the big days where really important things happen, be it good or bad. Take a moment to tell God about the things taking up a lot of space in your head at the moment.

It also includes the not so big, seemingly less significant days. I think it’s actually really beautiful that God is also God of small moments, of unplanned meetings, of little pieces of light as you go through the world.

Thank God for the small moments that have brought you happiness or peace recently.

It’s always good to remember that every day has God in it. When you’re looking for God each day, in little or big ways, you’re probably more likely to notice him, and his goodness in the world. (Not that God doesn’t often surprise people too…)

I was listening to the radio recently when I had a thought about some song lyrics. There are a few songs that talk about ‘living like there’s no tomorrow’, and making the most of things today. Maybe the idea of appreciating each day while you’re in it can be compared to knowing that God is in every day – but I think there’s also a significant difference.

With God there is also the security of knowing he’s got tomorrow covered. Whatever worries or challenges are ahead, God will be there to help, just like he is today.

So there’s no need to live like there’s no tomorrow – because God will be with us then too. But the actual sentiment of these songs – enjoying the day you’re living in – is something God wants to provide for us too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjOLDaSfIHQ

Have a good day!

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