Zeph Daily 87

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John here wishing the you the best of mornings. Now, are any of you good with house plants? Like not killing them?

This beauty lives inside the window at the front of our house. Apparently it’s a tropical hibiscus. Apparently they will grow outside, even in the UK’s climate.
It goes for most of the year looking like a stick and then it sends out this flower—which is beautiful. Actually, this is the second one (in quick succession) this summer. Both flowers are now gone ( a matter of days each) and it will now resume it’s stick impersonation.
Thank God for beautiful “stuff”.

Amazed at its beauty; disappointed at the brevity of its visible usefulness. I could have been forgiven for throwing it out, but look what we would have missed.
Thank God for things you’ve kept, not knowing why, that have turned out to be important to you and/or others…

I had a happy time with Daryll yesterday evening. A take away curry in his conservatory, much conversation (including a passage on how “creatives” don’t work office hours) and remembering our respective dads, both of whom died relatively “early,” but left us with great memories – and a lot of genes.
Thank God for those that have helped him make you what you are.

Most of us are like the flower: not showing a persistent glory, but every now and then being something wonderful which catches the eye. It’s not like it dances or sings or juggles. And if it whispers lovely words, I’ve not heard them. It just is beautiful. Briefly.
(we have to watch and pay attention—if holidays are timed badly we have to wait for another twelve months).
Thank God for those moments of joy he gives—especially the ones which pass quickly.

We don’t do things for the audience to appreciate and applaud. (though that is nice) We do it because that’s what we’re here to do.
In Matthew 6 Jesus tells us not to worry what others think of what we do. Do it for God. Be the beautiful thing he created you to be. Just because. And whether that’s a looooong lasting beauty or a short-term thing, let’s not see it as a fleeting glimpse of “what might have been” but hold on to the memory of a glorious moment.

It would be a shame to note only the hibiscus’ down-time because we weren’t there to see its fantastic flowering; to compost it because we were looking the other way when it reached its glory; to act as God and prune the stick back to the ground.
This is what it does, what it is—and he made it.

Thank God for enlisting your help to keep some beauty in his world

Just say, “Thank you” https://soundcloud.com/johnfroud/hallelujah and go, not just to have a good day, but to be a lovely part of someone’s today…

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