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A Very Good Morning to you all! Yvonne here and I have a question for you – how good are you at waiting?

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Like many people, I’m often not great at waiting. Patience may be a virtue but it’s not one of mine! Of course though, my levels of patience vary depending on what it is that I’m waiting for – is it something exciting or something to be dreaded? And also, how long do I have to wait?

A lot of people are familiar with this picture but I think many just know it as the clocks picture. It’s actually called The Persistence of Memory. My levels of patience are also affected by the persistence of memory – if what I’m waiting for is something that has happened before….

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I’m Very Excited for this evening. This evening I will get to see something I have waited (some times more patiently than at other times) 30 years to see. This evening I will get to see Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy. Champions at last!!!!

I have supported Liverpool for a LONG TIME! Growing up in the 70s (I was very young then!!) and 80s, this was a very easy choice. They were THE team, they were local, most of the people around me supported them. But then came the 90s – I moved away and was no longer surrounded by so many other Liverpool fans……and our form dropped. No longer were we winning so much and, living so close to Manchester as I then was, the mocking for being a Liverpool fan came thick and fast.

The 90s turned into the 00s and still I waited for that return to form; still I waited for us to win that elusive Premier League title. Still I waited, with the persistence of memory reminding me of all the titles we’d won in the past.

Julia wrote yesterday about how it can be easy to become so focused on the end point of something that it’s hard to appreciate other valuable things along the way. And with Liverpool, there have been other valuable things along the way – we’ve been FA Cup winners, European champions (twice) to name a couple.

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I was challenged last week to write a lockdown psalm. Now I’m not generally much of a writer but I decided to give it a go. It’s not perhaps one that would have found its way to sit alongside those of David but…..

My joy in lockdown is that Liverpool are finally Premier League champions.
My heart is bursting.
I have waited so long for this to happen.
Supporting, watching, waiting,
Expectant God smiles and tells me that in the ups and the downs and the waiting
You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Julia also reminded us yesterday that following God is not an end point we work towards. It’s about Him being with us every day.

I have waited for and looked forward to this evening for 30 years. It’s the the be all and end all and I’m really hoping I won’t have to wait another 30 years for it to happen again!

This has been a super-self-indulgent post but the thread running through it is a strong echo of what Julia shared yesterday and also a recurrent theme of David’s in the psalms – wait on God, He’s worth it. And no matter what, He’s with us every step of the way. Take a moment to thank God that we’re never alone before allowing me one final indulgence,

Walk on, Zephyrs, with hope in your hearts….and may you have a fabulous day!

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