Zeph Daily 92

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This is John beginning the last Zeph@10 for now with the response of one of our holiday club kids replying to his invite. YES !!!! Cheered me up, I can tell you!

Hallelujah! Or if you’re a kind of Anglican, “Alleluia.” Who knows? “The nit song” (chorus “Hal, lal, la la la leluia” is a big favourite with the Clitheroe Kids (none of the Zephteam are old enough for that reference, but maybe someone dropping in is…
When introducing this word to children I say it’s an exclamation of joy, with a big thank you wrapped up in it. A word you might use to greet your favourite food. (I might have been a bit excited in Sainsbury’s last week to see Morbier on the cheese shelves…)
A word Yvonne might use should Liverpool ever win the League. Oh, they have! Who knew? A word that I long to use at Valley Parade—ah well…
Find a “Hallelujah” moment in your memory to thank God for this morning.

I wrote this song for an assembly I was due to share with a Gideon, Stephen Keighley, and it’s a bit of a homage to him and Bob West, but it’s heart is what Jesus did/does for people… It’s a song of happy people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcKmiqwnxe4…

How would you react if Jesus fixed your legs?
If he made your blind eyes see?
If he brought your dead brother back to life?
If he sent your leprosy packing?
How about if he saw to it that you were sorted with God—whatever you’d done/thought/said/not done, etc?
What if sitting up in a tree so you didn’t have to meet people who didn’t like you, Jesus looked you in the eye?
I’d missed that line in the Bartimaeus story “ Cheer up ! He’s calling you” “Cheer up” slight paraphrase, but it catches the mood.
Thank God for the miracles, large and small, in your life or someone else’s, that you have seen…

Julie wrote yesterday of the sustained sense of joy that holds the individual Christian together through the dark times, but there is also that spontaneous moment of joy as the realisation of what God has done/is doing breaks over us (like sea billows roll—never felt that as a cheery image myself (having the sea roll over me)

Hobnob, as an old lady cat developed some disgusting habits, but there were beautiful moments: times when for no obvious reason she would start to purr (very loudly). Perhaps she was remembering a particularly fine supper, or a fierce chase that saw off a courting tom, or perhaps, how blessed she was to have left an unhappy life behind to come and live with the Frouds. Who knows.

As I was looking for words for an instrumental (?) in a video, I came across this little gem in Deuteronomy 4:9 “…don’t forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live…” Those blink-and-you-miss-it moments of spontaneous joy don’t have to disappear, we can hold them deep in our memories, so deep we often forget they’re there, but they fit together to form that solid sustaining joy that “bubbles up “ and blesses the world around us.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v99kHXoYNPs

So… at the end of the last Zeph@10 for the near future at least, thank you, team for the blessings you have cheerily dispensed. Excellent medicine. You may never know how many lives you have touched. Go now, to bless and be blessed.

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