Who We Are

The Zephaniah Trust is a registered charity (no 1036478) supporting Christian musicians and artists who “take light into dark corners” throughout Bradford and beyond, in schools and with churches and community groups. Use the links below to find out more.

Our Staff Team:
We have a team of 3 frontline workers supported by an administrator, all working part time. Between them, they reach over 10,000 children every year.
The team are:
John Froud (Trust Director & Singer/Songwriter)
Julie Wilkinson (Storyteller & Keyworker)
Julia Leech (Keyworker)
Dr Jenny Cousens (Administrator)
Yvonne Froud (Keyworker)
Click on their names to find out more.

Our Associates:
We have a number of official Zeph Associates – talented people engaged in similar work and with similar aims to our own. We love taking every opportunity to work closely with them, but they remain independent of the Trust – click on their names to visit their websites.
Our Associates are:
Carol Barwick (Leeds) – Choirmaster, Writer, founder of RAISE
Revd Hilary Bond
 (Wareham, Dorset) – Schools and Children’s Worker
Jon Buckeridge (West Midlands) – Actor, founder of Parable Arts
Mark Drake (Bradford) – Percussionist
Daryll Hackett (Bradford) – Circus Performer
Amy Harris 
(Bristol) – Actor
Stewart Henderson (Surrey) – Poet and Broadcaster
Katie Jones (Bradford) – Visual Artist
Stephen Lamb (Jersey) – Graffiti Artist
Heidi Moore (Wakefield) – Schoolsworker
Natalie Whiteley (Bradford) – Voluntary Community Worker at St Cuthbert’s Wrose

Our Trustees
Our board of trustees oversee the running of the Trust and meet several times a year. They are legally responsible for our work and oversee the implementation of our policies. Any correspondence to them should be addressed to The Board of Trustees and sent via our office (office@zephaniah.org.uk or The Zephaniah Trust, 2a Norwood Road, Shipley, BD18 2AZ).
Our current board of trustees are:
Mark Allison, Susan Edmondson, Adam Syrop.

Our staff and trustees are fully DBS checked and work under our Safeguarding Policy (copies available from our office on request). All our staff are required to update their Safeguarding training regularly. Our named Safeguarding Leads are Julie Wilkinson (Safeguarding Lead), Yvonne Froud (Deputy Safeguarding Lead) and Adam Syrop (Safeguarding Trustee) – you can contact them confidentially via our office with any concerns.