The only opportunity…?

Having first met John when I was in his class as a nine year old, I must be one of the most long-standing Zeph friends! Coming from a non-Christian family, John, becoming a friend after I’d left Wycliffe Middle School, was instrumental in me coming to know Jesus in my life. Some 22 years after becoming a Christian, I am now in the honoured position of being Children and Family Worker at St. Margaret’s Church in Frizinghall and occasionally get to work with the Zeph team.

Thanks to Julie’s amazing gift, I have been inspired to create my own (just one so far, but it’s a start!) assembly, telling a story about being stranded in New York for ten days during Hurricane Sandy and talking about how we make decisions. I’ve done it in just two schools so far… Any takers?

My own children have enjoyed and continue to enjoy, Zephaniah assemblies and holiday clubs. But of course, they also benefit from being part of a church family each Sunday and through the week. The work of the Zephaniah Trust is so important in that those assemblies may be, for some children, the only opportunity they get to hear the good news about Jesus. That is basically why I am passionate about what they (and I!) do and I am proud to be a Zeph friend. So I am praying for at least another 20 years of silly songs and memorable stories that touch the hearts of children and adults alike.

Happy Birthday.

Mandy Watkins is, as she rightly says, a long-standing Zephaniah friend and, now, a colleague who also takes light into dark corners. We love working with her AND her fabulous children – watch out for them in one of special Zephaniah 20th birthday films, launching at the Cathedral on Saturday!

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