Friendship, Hospitality and Humour…

From throwing Jonah overboard in Bradford Cathedral to skipping around Shipley Baptist Church barefoot as Mary Jones, I’ve had lots of fun with Zephaniah Trust.

In my first year working for Saltmine Trust, when I was told we were going to go and do a schools week in Bradford with Zephaniah, the one thing everyone wanted to tell me was how brilliant the people we would be working with were.  They were right of course, and one of my highlights of the many times we’ve partnered with Zephaniah since is getting to spend time with those people. Working alongside people who are not only passionate about (and extremely gifted at) telling the story of God’s love in new and exciting ways, but who also live that out in their friendship, hospitality and humour is a real privilege.

Whether I’ve been jumping around on a stage, or encouraging year nines to do the jumping around themselves, it has been a pleasure to be part of something that so clearly impacts young people’s lives for the better.

Anna Turner may be small but she is packed full of acting talent which she has been very willing to share with us when Saltmine Theatre Company have been persuaded to lend her out! We have loved working with her, in bringing theatre performances to Bradford and running Refugee Voices in secondary schools. She is officially our favourite person ever from Canvey Island.


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