Laughter and Food…


Laughter and food. These two words sum up any Zeph experience beautifully – although I shouldn’t also forget to mention the displacement of your sanity. I don’t think it is possible to ever forget those infamous actions, which were first etched on my mind as a primary school assembly attender and were then carved deeper into my brain during my extended summer in year 11.

Of all the assemblies I sat through as a child, the only ones I can honestly say I remember were John Froud’s. (Sorry Mum, I know you did a couple, but the only vague memory I have is you holding up a globe……?) I therefore could not think of a better way to spend part of my end-of-secondary-school summer – I could relive moments from my childhood whilst also contributing towards other children’s precious primary school experience.

Apart from the crazy assemblies with the sea of smiles looking back at you, other highlights included: trips in the Big Blue Van, innumerable pieces of cake, modelling sat on a church windowsill, and McDonald’s breakfasts. One day which particularly sticks in my memory is the day John and I travelled up to Bishop Auckland to take the Bible Times Exhibition there – we managed to do the whole trip and get back in time for lunch at Shipley McD’s.

It was lovely weather that day, and we drove along with the windows down listening to BBC Radio 2. John bossed the ‘PopMaster’ as usual and then we talked about all sorts of deep things like where we thought Taylor Swift was going in the music industry. It was such a relaxing yet productive morning.

Reflecting back on all my experiences with the Zephaniah Trust, I can easily say that it was a valuable part of my life so far. I grew in confidence and maturity, but also don’t think I’ve had so much fun in two weeks ever!  Many thanks to all the Zeph crew and I hope that you will still be able to give the work experience opportunities that were given to me, for 20 years to come.

Esther Bavington spent a summer vounteering with us after her GCSEs, making the most of her talents for dressing up balloon people, sitting on cold windowsills, eating, and – most importantly – connecting with a whole roomful of children and helping them build memories. She is now studying for a degree in History at the University of Nottingham.

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