Zeph Daily 35

Morning, all!!! How’s your hair today?

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So, we used to own an ambulance. The siren had been removed and the flashing blues didn’t work; the ‘am’ was missing off the front, so really it was just a bulance but, to look at it, you’d think it was just a regular ambulance.

We got the bulance because we (back then) went camping a bit. I like camping…… so long as it isn’t cold or wet; then I’m not so keen. I have this fear of leaking tents – I don’t like getting wet in the night! So I decided that a campervan was the way to go. But I don’t like doing what everyone else does, I like to be a bit different. So I decided I wanted an ambulance instead, which we could then convert into a campervan.

Alex built a bed in the back that doubled up as a sofa and benches along the sides. The camping stove went in the bit where the defibrillator would have been and the cupboards that previously held meds and other equipment became food and crockery/cutlery cupboards.

When we were out and about in it, we’d get waved at by other (genuine) ambulance drivers, mistaking us for a genuine one!

Outside, it still looked pretty much like a regular ambulance but inside…..very different. And as we know, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

God doesn’t care about our outside, He cares about our inside.

Ironically, when we went camping in the bulance one wet weekend, it leaked!! It let me down.😞

We spent quite a lot of time working on our bulance, trying to make it how we wanted it. We never did finish it, we sold it before we perfected it. Thankfully, we can rest assured that God will never give up on us. We have our weaknesses, our failings, we will always fall short of His perfection. BUT He doesn’t need us or expect us to be perfect. He just gently keeps working away, drawing us closer to Himself, loving us just for who we are – warts and all, terrible haircuts and all!

You can listen to this song, if you like, before you go about the rest of your day. I particularly like verse 2! You might even want to sing along. You might even want to blast it out. Whatever, enjoy 😀:

We are loved by a God who can move mountains, who takes us as He finds us. Hold onto that thought as you go through today. Happy Wednesday, people!

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