Zeph Daily 34

Very Important Event of the Week: Timmy and Fluffy Cat, who are not often found sitting together, both fashioned themselves nests. They sat roosting in them together for an afternoon. It was as delightful as you would assume.

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Timmy (the black and white cat) is ours, but as some of you know Fluffy Cat is not. He just likes “visiting” our house – lounging around in his dainty and delicate fashion, and eating all food he finds.

Apparently, over the years there have been quite a lot of visiting cats passing through. Fluffy is the only one I have met however. That is, until now…

The other day, we heard some wailing in the garden. On checking to make sure nothing was dying, we discovered the reason behind this – Timmy had made a new friend. We couldn’t work out how well Timmy and the very vocal Tabby Cat were getting on at first, but after a while the noise quietened down and they seemed to sit together quite happily.

The Tabby Cat has returned to the garden on a few different days, and Timmy seems quite happy to see him! However, when Timmy comes back inside, the Tabby Cat is a bit too scared to follow. One time he got quite near the threshold of the doorway, but didn’t quite make it over.

One morning, Timmy was inside when the Tabby Cat came to see him. And when there was no sign of Timmy in the garden, Tabby Cat began to wail. An impressive noise it was – very soulful and agonised! Tabby Cat sounded desperate and full of longing for his friend. And yet his fear stopped him from crossing the threshold to come and find the one he wanted to see so badly.

There are some times more than others when we are more aware of our need for God. Sometimes it can be very clear to us, other times it can be more of a vague longing for “something”. But like Tabby Cat not being able to cross the threshold, our fear can hold us back.

Take a moment to think – what fears hold you back from being with God?

The Bible is full of people who are struggling, or wrestling with something. It doesn’t stop God from meeting with them. There was the man who asked Jesus to heal his child, but couldn’t bring himself to dare to believe it would work. With tears he asked Jesus to “help my unbelief!”- and Jesus helped him. We have never had to overcome fear on our own.

There was the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak to heal her because she was too afraid to talk to him, knowing that others would look down on her. Jesus stops to talk to her in front of the whole crowd, making sure that as well as physical healing, she is shown to be someone deemed worthy and valuable by Jesus in the presence of the society that judged her.

God sees our fears, and he is bigger than them. When we feel trapped by our situation, God can offer the hope we thought impossible.

Let’s pray that whatever our situation is and whatever our fears are, God will help us and be with us. Let’s pray that we can remember that God is on our side. Whatever our trepidations are, God has so much love for us, and will help us over the threshold whenever we’ll let him. Have a think about that as you listen to this – couldn’t find my favourite version (a la John Froud) online, but this will do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPOajk2UidA

Amen! Have a good day, and remember God will never leave us. I will keep you updated on the Tabby Cat situation. I think I may have heard his dulcet tones this morning…

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