Zeph Daily 30

A very good, if somewhat damp, morning to you all!

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We see these bluebells pretty much every day at the moment. Our daily exercise usually takes us through Northcliffe Woods or Heaton Woods, often through both of them as they’re right there on our doorstep (not literally, you understand!) We are doing very similar walks each day; not quite the same route but through the same places. So it’s kinda the same but different. And due to the time of year, the changes we’ve noticed in the woods over the last few weeks have been Really Noticeable. They’re the same woods but also very different woods to the ones we were walking through this time last month.

Our Thea is currently sat next to me ‘at school’. She was going to do some music this morning but then changed her mind and did some science, did a bit of that and is now doing maths. School is most definitely different just now; there is still work being set for children to do but it is very different to school as they’re used to.

Friendships are being lived out differently; they’re still the same but very much different. Keeping in touch via a variety of digital means, maybe an occasional distanced conversation over a wall or out and about if you happen to see people while you’re out, but nowhere near the normal.

And then there’s church…..

Church carries on but is Very Different. Zoom church, YouTube church, website church, WhatsApp church…..

For all of us, life just now is different. There is some level of sameness for each of us but there is lots that is different.

But how great is it, that no matter how different everything might be right now, however unsettling we may find all this differentness, our God does not change. No matter what, we can hold to His promises, we can hold onto the knowledge that He is the same today, yesterday and forever. Though the grass may wither…..

Have a listen to this (if you want to). It’s a perky little number but I’ve chosen it for the words. May you enjoy the ‘ooooh’s!


I’m going to leave you with a blessing we use quite a lot at our church. Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you. All things are passing. GOD DOESN’T CHANGE. Amen

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