Zeph Daily 29 – Just a minute

Hello to you. It’s Julia here today. A game idea for you:

Don't get me started (002)

I actually love rants about very trivial matters. They’re strangely cathartic I find! Personally, I have very strong opinions about 99p shops…

(I just think that no one really thinks 99p shops are truly better than pound shops so you wouldn’t go out of your way to go to one specifically so it hasn’t really worked well as a marketing strategy. Meanwhile they have consciously chosen to lose 1p on every product they sell, so if they sell 10,000 things they have immediately lost £100. And where do the savings go? As ANNOYING COPPER CHANGE for the customers who do not want it and get no benefit from it whatsoever while the shop makes a substantial loss. I just think they haven’t thought it through)

(On the other hand, I once got a bubble blowing saxophone from a 99p shop and it is one of the best things I’ve ever owned, so I am still in favour of them existing.)

Anyway, this game reminds me a lot of the radio show Just a Minute, which is also brilliant! The Prayer Spaces in Schools facebook page has been developing prayer activities you can do from home, and one of them is inspired by Just a Minute. It is less competitive than the game show though, and no one will shout ‘hesitation’ and demand to take over your prayer. (Probably)

This morning I want to do an expanded version of the Just a Minute prayer activity. I’m going to name 5 different things to think of, and take a minute for each one. If you want to, you can comment what you’ve chosen, but you don’t have to – you can spend the minute thinking it through in your head. I’ll pick things that help us recognise what really matters to us, and use it as a bit of a grounding activity.

So we’ll start off with a couple that tell us something about who we are.

For 1 minute, think of something in your life that you love and appreciate.

Now for 1 minute, think of an ability/gift God has given you.

Bravo to us on an excellent start.

Now we’ll turn to the day ahead of us.

For 1 minute: what are your hopes for today?

Now for 1 minute, think of the people you are going to connect with today.

Choose one, and think of something you could do to make a positive difference to their day.

How productive we are. For the final one, we’ll bring our focus onto the one who’s behind the rest of it.

For 1 minute, think of something you love about God.

Having thought through a few different aspects of our lives, it is good to remember how much God cares about every part of it- and wants to be with us in every part of it. Have a listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJiXjnquywQ

Whatever is the focus of your day ahead, let’s pray that we can be close to God in all parts of it. Let’s pray that we have moments to pause (however briefly) and remember God is by our side.

Amen! Have a good day everyone. Here is the original Prayer Space activity if you’d like to use it on other occasions…

Just a Minute prayer space (002)

Also: https://www.facebook.com/prayerspacesinschools/

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