Zeph Daily 7

John Froud

Morning! The arrival of Friday doesn’t have the same magic, somehow…

Sheena and I went for a spot of exercise yesterday – just round the block. We waved at the Hardys and the Joneses as we sauntered past their houses. Actually we stopped and chatted with our grandchildren on mobiles through the glass of their front room window. Weird, but cheering.


God said, “ I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God and they will be my people.”

And now, here’s the school formerly known as Clayton CE singing in tune! https://soundcloud.com/johnfroud/and-you-will-walk-with-us


There is something indefinably warming about being with someone, especially someone you love. I love touring, but being able to take Sheena with me in recent times has been extra special. Sometimes we don’t say much, sometimes we don’t say anything at all. It’s the being there that matters.


Anyone researching their ancestors? I’ve come up on some huge gaps in my knowledge of my grandfather, and I’ve decided to make sure that the next generations won’t have that about my dad. I knew him. I walked miles with him. Sometimes we’d talk, sometimes we wouldn’t. I’d be there next to him, looking up to him, just picking up the vibe. I admired his ability to talk to anyone on any subject for long enough for them to know they were important. But I was only a kid and there were others who were his friends who knew different parts of him. So I’m asking people who “walked with him” (while they’re still here to ask) what they remember so I can build a more detailed picture. Brian Goodall remembers my dad saying that someone had called him Mr. Shroud, to which he replied, ‘That’s a grave mistake!” Ah, the power of the Dad gag!


We can ask people who know Him about God, we can read what others who walked with Him say, and we too can walk with Him. We may not always talk – it’s good sometimes to just listen – but to be there is the thing.

And we don’t have to stay still. Walking is active, we can share tasks with him. Remember doing things with those special people in your life? Special times.


Pray for those you spend time with; those you wish you could spend time with; those you find it difficult to spend time with… God wants to walk with them too.


Today’s out-song is a long one… you may want to continue praying, or make a coffee, or finally get to the loo. Just know that God is with you.



Zeph Daily takes a break over the weekend – Jenny will be back on our Facebook page live at 10am on Monday…






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