Zeph Daily 6

Morning Zephyrs! It’s Julie on Zeph@10 today.

I’ve got myself a coffee and I’m good to go this morning. How’s everybody?

coffee cup


When you’re a storyteller, sometimes you have to grab a thought as it flutters through your brain and follow it down the meandering paths to see where it takes you. It may be it goes nowhere, drifting eventually into a hollow tree trunk in your mind and bedding down under some leaves, when it realises it should never have been out in the first place. Then there are those thoughts that trip lightly on the breeze until you arrive at a sparkling stream and there, beneath the rippling waters, spy a nugget of pure gold…

You never really know which one it’s going to turn out to be until you pay it some attention.

For today’s Zeph@10, I thought I’d give you an insight into that process and take you on a thought journey.


And the deep and meaningful thought that begins our journey, is this…

I like my glasses.

Arran 4 (2)


That is the thought that flashed into my mind yesterday. And I really mean it. I like my glasses. I mean, I really like them. I’m short-sighted and, without them, everything is blurry – even my laptop screen. WITH my glasses, the world is transformed. Rather than just being able to tell vaguely what something in the distance is, I can see finer details – colour, pattern, facial features. With my glasses, I can drive safely, I can read subtitles when I watch Scandinavian crime drama, I can pick my child out of a crowd in a school performance or on the football field. I can look further ahead and see things more clearly. They’re great. I mean, I REALLY, REALLY like them.


But… There are times when it is nice to take my glasses off and let the world blur. Times when I need to lie down and rest but the glasses press into my face. Times when dirt has built up on the lenses and looking through the filter of the immediate grime to see further ahead makes my eyes hurt. Times when I’m tired or stressed and the effort required to focus threatens to bring on a migraine.


Most of the time, I love and am thankful for the ability to focus on what’s ahead of me, to see as far into the distance as I can and know what’s coming. But occasionally, I need to stop, take my glasses off, let the distance blur, and focus just on what’s right in front of me, now. On this moment.


When things feel uncertain in our house, if one of us is worried or stuck and isn’t sure what their next move should be, we have a mantra – “One thing at once.” And in those moments, God is there, guiding us, lighting up each step of the way, one at a time…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a Light to my path.” (Psalm 119: 105)

Your Word is...


It’s great to look into the distance, to focus on the future, to make plans; and God takes an interest and is present when we do that. It’s also great for our wellbeing and very necessary to look beyond whatever struggles are right in front of us and remember that these things shall pass. But we also have another, different opportunity, and now seems a perfect time to grasp it. Today, slow down. Pop your future plans somewhere safe. Take off your glasses for a few minutes. Pick up a Bible. Spend some time with God. Let his lamp light up your next step. One thing at once.


Father God, we pray for calm today, calm enough to slow down and stop and spend some time with you, so that you can light our next step. One thing at once.
We pray for those who are feeling wobbly this morning. Draw close to them and let them know that you are near.
We give thanks for those who can offer us wisdom and point us to you.
You are here. And we choose to recognise that today.


Remember, God’s got the bigger picture covered…


Have excellent days, Zephyrs – may you find peace, sunshine and lots of God in them!

See you tomorrow at 10am when John will be taking the helm…

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