Zeph Daily 2

March 20, 2020
Welcome to Zeph at Ten.

This is John hoping to help you connect with God this morning. Sharing the Peace is safely non-contact on here, but I guess any kind of greeting is good… Hiya!

Yesterday Julie took us right back to Genesis “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you may go.” God’s promise. Whatever happens, whatever changes, he is with us and will watch over us.

Today, as we approach a very odd kind of Mothering Sunday, we’ll try to remember God’s goodness to us through the places he takes us, the people he puts us amongst, the Son he sent for us.


Song: https://soundcloud.com/johnfroud/i-will-remember


 John Guitar Case

You’re wondering about a scripture for the guitar case?

I am blessed to have met many wonderful people in different places as I get around our city of Bradford and further afield. I met an old lady recently who asked, after I’d sung “Tell ‘em about the dream”, whether I’d known Dr King. “Only on the television, I’m afraid.” She had marched to Selma with him. Now that is a memory to treasure.

The guitar case is full of memories. As it happens, it’s full of guitar. It’s my heart that’s full of memories. The case “only” prompts the remembrance. It seems to be easier to remember bad things (hurt, lies, mistakes, etc) than the good things, but if we can try to hold God’s goodness to us at the front of our mind and thank him for all he has done we will be doubly blessed. And we will expect more of his Good Things!

So… let’s pray. Let’s thank God for happy memories, for favourite places, for brilliant people who’ve made a mark on our lives, maybe our Mums, maybe teachers, maybe… and thank him for Jesus. Either out loud (no embarrassment in your own front room) or silently, or type it in…


Tear Bottle (2)

This is a tear bottle from Zephaniah’s Bible Times Exhibition.

In Bible Times, before the invention of cameras, these were used as souvenirs. At a family event where everyone was weeping (weddings, funerals etc) someone would collect tears from those present and store them in the bottle. Their names would be written down and kept with the bottle—any more accurately spelled than the Telegraph and Argus, I wonder?

It’s only mentioned once in the Bible, Psalm 56:8.

“You have noted my grief;
Store my tears in your flask.
Are they not recorded in your book ?”

David remembers that God knows his distress, and cares for him—whatever he might have done.

Take your worries to God and remember he remembers!


A song written by a Zephaniah Associate to close. Monday sesh will be led by Jenny. See you in my memories…


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