Bible Times Exhibition

Containing a whole raft of treasures, our roving Bible Times Exhibition is an invaluable RE resource for schools. Our staff work with churches to host the exhibition, setting it up in their buildings for a week at a time and taking visits from school groups in the local area.

What’s in it?

The exhibition is split into sections, including the development of early writing and the history of the written/printed Bible; the Old and New Testaments and what these share in common with the Holy Texts of other faiths; the Bible in other languages, including British Sign Language; special Bibles, including soldier’s Bibles and Victorian Family Bibles; and how the Bible has inspired those who read it to change the world.

Unlike many exhibitions, we encourage the children to get hands on with the exhibits, dressing up as a Roman soldier or Queen Esther, having a go on the shofar, and holding our heaviest 1844 Victorian Family Bible.

How does it work?

We contact local schools before we visit their area to book slots for groups to come to the exhibition, once we have set it up in a local church. School visits are hosted by our staff team, who use storytelling and presentations to share some of our highlight exhibits, as well as sending the children to explore the exhibition with a quiz.

We may be able to tailor our presentation to a particular area of the curriculum – if this would be helpful, feel free to ask beforehand!