Our School Report

We thought we were too old to get a school report now! Here’s a teacher’s view of the Zephaniah Trust…

Schools can be quite stressful places, so whenever John and friends come along with smiles and the Gospel message, it is a tonic for everyone.

When I was a teacher, the children would all cheer when they were told it was a ‘John Froud assembly’.  Can you imagine, children cheering about going into assembly?  The staff cheered too.

John wants to bring fun – more than that, he wants everyone to participate in silliness and he manages it all in a way that demonstrates just how wonderful is the love that God has for each one of us.

So, we all flung our arms as wide as they would go (‘So wide you can’t get round it’), tilted our heads so that one eye’s higher (Isaiah 58: 11), twirled around on the spot with hands performing a ‘flashing’ motion (‘build a lighthouse to the nation’) and picked a friend’s nits! (Biblical reference uncertain, possibly Revelations).

In and amongst all this hilarity the clear message: ‘I’m special to Jesus, He’s my best friend’ made its way into the hearts and minds of the children, and the adults, and we all came out of assembly feeling better.

And so the light shines on in dark places.  Thank you Zephaniah Trust and Happy Birthday. xxx

Elaine Schack, former Deputy Headteacher and Zeph Friend

2 thoughts on “Our School Report

  1. Just finished reading Elaine Schack's comments. She hits the nail on the head. I, too, worked in a primary school in the Bradford area for 10 years and saw firsthand the impact John and his dedicated crew had on the children and staff (myself included). Happy Birthday Zephaniah Trust! Here's to many more years of shining your light and touching lives.
    Frances Carter, former Teaching Assistant


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