The Zeph Experience…

We have had so much fun working with all kinds of lovely people over the years – including some fantastic work experience students. Here we introduce our guest blogger, the lovely Pippa, reflecting on her placement with us a few years ago. We’re looking forward to working with her again soon!
“My first contact with the Zephaniah Trust was when I was set up for work experience in lower school, I had no awareness as to what the time there would consititute and was told that most likely I’d be fulfilling admin duties. I did do this with the help of the friendly Jenny and Julie combo; I learned of how the Trust has evolved over the years and it’s involvement with schemes assisting children with all sorts including the transition between primary school and secondary school. Additionally, the community support clubs run at Shipley Baptist Church were running even with construction work going on! I had the chance to meet many of Zeph’s good friends over the years and also gain a taste for Interlude’s Tea Room.
However, my duties soon stretched beyond admin back at the office. My time with Zephaniah led me to recognising the celebrity figure that is the bearded John Froud; many of my schoolmates had prize memories of assemblies with him from youth and were flabbergasted that I was accompanying him. I too was surprised, it seemed on every other street somebody would wave, beep a horn, or call out ‘John’ leading me to the conclusion that indeed, everybody knows John Froud. I wound up a backing singer accompanying him along his blue van missions to primary schools all over the place, eating lots of cake and drinking lots of coffee in staff rooms (and feeling grown up because of this…). Throughout this time, I got the chance to work with lots of children who were crazily enthusiastic even during early morning slots and saw teachers transformed by the energy of John and often Julie from the moment we arrived (some tried to be resilient but always wound up joining with songs!).
I enjoyed my experience there so much that I kept in contact and returned with my good friend Esther the next year! I also plan to return this year for more adventures!”

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