Yvonne Froud

Yvonne 1

Yvonne Froud has a down-to-earth warmth and likeability that makes others relate to her instantly. A former teacher, she blends a sense of fun and love of laughter with an ability to communicate and teach children and adults in ways that stay with them. Yvonne has many years of experience working in schools and churches, plays guitar, oh – and she’s proudly Scouse!


Yvonne was, for many years, the Schoolsworker for Spen Valley Faith in Schools Trust, working in schools specifically in that area. When the Trust shut down in 2019, we were very pleased to secure the funding for her work to continue. Yvonne takes regular assemblies and RE lessons, and runs Prayer Spaces and the Re:wind Programme across the Spen Valley, where she is a much-loved presence.


Yvonne is a Deacon at Shipley Baptist Church, where she regularly leads worship and coordinates their youth and children’s work. She has been a long-standing part of our holiday club weeks in the summer, where her games workshops are perennially popular! She’s also been known to kick a football in the direction of Mr Froud (who, incidentally, is her father-in-law)…