Assemblies, Lessons & Workshops

Our core partnership with schools rests on regular visits to take assemblies. These regular visits can become a springboard to lessons or workshops, supporting schools in enriching the curriculum. We work from a Christian faith perspective, always in a way that is considerate and respectful of those of other faiths and none.


Zephaniah assemblies are built around songs and stories, bringing the Bible to life and showing children how it can be relevant to us today. Using a combination of action songs or concert material, personal anecdotes, folk tales or biographical accounts, alongside Bible stories, our team present a consistent message of working with God to make the world a better place, giving children a positive experience of persons of faith at the same time.

The success of these assemblies lies in our team’s ability to relate well and communicate with children in a refreshing, down-to-earth style, using warmth and humour to explore some of life’s big questions and consider the kind of people we want to be.

If you are interested in booking us to take an assembly at your school, please contact us.

Lessons and Workshops

Our team have skills in music, poetry, storytelling, writing, drama, arts and crafts which can be used to run workshops or enhance lessons across the curriculum, as well as being willing to visit RE lessons to share aspects of their faith.

These lessons/workshops may take place as a single visit or form part of a curriculum day across the school, where our team visit classes, separately or together, across a whole day, often with a plenary session at the end. We take bookings for visits to tie in with themed events, such as RE Weeks, Arts Festivals, Book Week, or Christian festivals, or to work with specific groups of children.