Prayer Spaces

Our Prayer Spaces are a mobile resource that we take into schools, setting them up in a room, usually over several days, for classes to visit, reflect, and spend some time thinking about spirituality.

How does it work?

Our team bring our Prayer Space resources and set them up in a room in your school, for anywhere up to a week. They then staff the room for groups to visit from classes, a few children at a time. Children work their way around the room, visiting the various stations, with opportunities to reflect on issues such as identity and self-worth, forgiveness, the world we live in, community, hopefulness and thankfulness.

Prayer Spaces have been proven to work well with children of different faiths and children of none, who can use the stations as opportunities to reflect rather than pray. These spaces enable powerful moments to occur in school life, including two children using the space to make peace after an argument. Another occasion saw two boys, one Christian and one Muslim, praying together for peace in the world.