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Morning! Yvonne here, heading Into the Unknown (that’s a reference to the picture, in case you didn’t realise!)

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I don’t know if any of you have seen Frozen 2? I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and suggest that there are fewer of you reading this that have seen Frozen 2 than who knew which 1D member we were looking at yesterday! I might be wrong…..

I had the joy of watching it earlier this week. Our Thea had done as much school work as she was up for that day and decided to see what films we had on our telly. As soon as she saw this, there was no other choice. I happened to be ‘busy’ in the living room at the time and so was aware of it on in the background!

I’m not going to lie….I quite enjoyed it. There are some funny lines in it; there are some funny characters in it; but it’s the storyline that got me thinking.

The beginning of Frozen 2 finds Elsa and Anna living happy lives in the northern kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has made peace with her magical powers, and she and her sister enjoy the close relationship they always wanted. But something nags at Elsa: a feeling that she’s still not quite where she belongs. Then a strange voice calls her beyond the borders of Arendelle. At first, Elsa doesn’t want to follow the voice. She argues with the call, singing, “I’ve had my adventure / I don’t need something new / I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you / Into the unknown.” But the longer Elsa hears the call, the more it awakens her desire to venture beyond the familiar and find her true place in the world.

For most Year 6 children, they have just till the end of this week and then that’s it, primary school is finished. And normally, their next step, into high school in September, is a little bit like stepping into the unknown

A little bit but not completely.

I would, ordinarily, have spent quite a bit of time over these last few weeks talking to hundreds of year 6s about that next step. We (Zephaniah Trust) would have delivered many Fast Forward sessions, hopefully helping them to think about what September might bring. We will have talked much about Changes, Challenges and Choices that they’ll be facing.

Their primary schools would, ordinarily, have spent quite a lot of time over these last few weeks preparing them for September. High schools also would have been doing quite a lot of transition work with them, all aimed at making this next step for them a little easier, a little less of a step into the unknown.

Now I know that some of this has still been going on, but I also know that some of it hasn’t been able to – no visits to their new schools, no Fast Forward events, not all year 6s are even in school to be able to be sharing their worries, fears, excitement with each other.

We know that stepping into the unknown can be scary but we also trust that we don’t go alone. Elsa followed the voice that she heard calling her into the unknown. When we listen to/for God’s voice, when we follow where He leads, no matter how unknown that may be, we can step that little bit easier. Not completely easily; the unknown can be scary, downright terrifying even sometimes, but we don’t go alone.

Elsa didn’t know who or what the voice that was calling her was. We have the advantage over her there. We know who God is.

So, as we approach the end of this most peculiar of school years, as we look towards the rest of today, the rest of this week, whatever it may hold for us, however known or unknown it may be, rest assured that the voice that calls us on is one of love. And if you know any year 6s out there, maybe take some time to see how they’re doing, how they’re feeling. And maybe even take some time to let them know that this next step they’re taking is not one they’re taking alone.

A song for you to listen to to finish off this morning’s ramblings. Enjoy your day, peeps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRwpP7xiF_E

If you’re a year 6 parent/carer or you know anyone who is, you might be interested in an online transition group being run by our friend and Zeph Associate Carol Barwick (of RAISE) – here’s the link!

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