Zeph Daily 83

Morning! It’s Jenny leading Monday’s Zeph@10am.
What did you have for breakfast this morning?

It doesn’t really matter which day of the week (or month, or year) that you ask me this question. The answer will always be the same….. Weetabix. To be fair, I’m not fussy on brand, so they might be generic wheat biscuits. However, there has to be have been a huge calamity for me not to have weetabix. The only exception is on the rare occasions that I’m staying in a foreign hotel, where they haven’t quite got the knack of breakfast yet. UK hotels are usually safe. So this morning I had weetabix, accompanied by a glass of orange juice.

It’s fair to say that my liking for weetabix has become slightly legendary, in that it is often referred to as my ‘weetafix’. I am certainly very unhappy if I can’t start my day with it. I can forego coffee if necessary – but only if I’ve had my weetabix. Even if I’ve had to get up at stupid-o’clock to catch a flight, I’m not leaving the house without my weetabix.

All this means that my boyfriend, Alex, has had to add a box of weetabix to his store cupboard, for the occasions when I stop over at his house in York.

Unfortunately, Alex’s kitchen is organised for someone who is 5’10” and not someone who is 5’2”, (actually, his whole house is, which is why I can’t see into the bathroom mirror without standing on tiptoes), and Alex keeps cereal in one of those shallow, high wall cupboards that are put in so you can have some storage, but not bash your head. In this case, they are above the sink area. When I challenged him why he’d put the box there, he argued that my addiction meant my weetafix supply needed to be controlled!

I’m an early riser. It has to have been a very, very late night for my body to let me sleep much beyond 8am. And once I’m awake, my stomach and brain begin to nag me that there has, so far that day, been a lack of weetabix, and would I mind rectifying that quite quickly. So the first time I stayed over at Alex’s, I ventured into the kitchen to hunt out the weetabix that he had purchased especially for me (sending me a photo in the process to make sure he got the right ones).

After hunting around various cupboards, I finally found the new box in one of these stupid high cupboards. Now, I can just about reach the handle to open the door of these cupboards. I can, if I stand right up on tiptoes, reach an item just on the edge inside. Unfortunately the weetabix was not just on the edge. Having been bought a few days before, the box had been pushed to the back of the cupboard. I couldn’t reach it…… And Alex (it still being before midday) was fast asleep. My weetafix was in sight, but out of reach!

I’m looking at Psalm 63 today. You may want to have a read of it now.

David is currently back camping in the wilderness, after his son Absalom has taken the throne of Israel from him. He’s back being solely reliant on God for provision and protection.

As I’ve been going through the psalms of David, it has been noted that they tend towards the gloomy, and have been a bit ‘woe is me’. There haven’t been many cheerful, happy ones. I think perhaps however, that that is because David and I share a particular tendency. When things are going well, and there aren’t any difficulties in life, God tends to take a back seat. It’s not that I stop believing or worshipping, but I’m not as reliant on God. My need for the love and support He offers is less, and so I turn to Him less. Conversely, when catastrophe strikes, and life becomes more difficult, then my need for God increases, and I turn to Him more. David seems to turn to God, and feel his need of Him more when life gets tough.

Where are you right now? Are you having to lean on God more or less than normal? Take a moment to tell God about it.

David realises his need for God. He equates it to what he knows and has experienced. He has experienced thirst, living in the wilderness – both now and in the past – and he has experienced the richest of feasts, living in Jerusalem as king. He knows that his need for God is greater than his physical thirst, and God’s presence is more satisfying than any feast. If I was writing this Psalm, my desire for God would be greater than my need for weetabix in the morning, and would satisfy me far more than all the weetabix I could eat. God is always more than we need.

Thank God for all the times in your life that He has been more than you needed.

Sometimes, if I wake up in the middle of the night, and can’t get back to sleep, my stomach starts to think that it might be in with a chance of some early weetabix – a bit like Alex’s cat, Houdini, thinking that he can get fed at 4am if he is bothersome enough. A rumbling tummy is hard to ignore when you are trying to go back to sleep.

Sometimes though, when I wake up in the middle of the night, that’s when all my worries can crowd into my thoughts and all thought of weetabix gets chased away, and replaced by those horrible lurching feelings.

David was able able to do what I am not always able to do. He was able to fix his thoughts on God, and remind himself that God is his helper, and always keeps him safe. I’m scared of thunder, and as a child I would crawl into my parents bed if there was a storm. I’d cling to my mum and she would hold me securely. She couldn’t make the thunder go away, but she helped me feel safe. God doesn’t always make the storm go away, but he does keep us safe when we cling to him.

Tell God what’s bothering you now, and let Him shelter you under his wings.

Hear God whisper, “I’m with you” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBj9NLPa2cs

If you are wondering if I ever got my weetabix down from the cupboard – I did! Some wielding of a large kitchen knife allowed me to snag the corner of the box just enough to drag it to the edge where I could just reach it…… Thankfully there was a bowl already on the draining board, because I don’t think that that technique would have worked on the bowls stored in the other stupidly out-of-reach cupboard!

May your week be one where you feel safe under His wings, secure in His hands and full of praise for His unfailing love. I may go so far as to concede it’s even more satisfying than weetabix.

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