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Good Moaning, Yvonne here! Today’s question: which are you – picture 1 or picture 2 ?

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Like many people, I’m not really one or the other, I’m somewhere in between generally. but I’m not going to lie – I am most definitely less than happy with how July has so far decided to behave, rain-wise!!!

Yes, I know, we need some rain, it’s been a really dry start to the year, but really???!!! This much rain? In July!!! Couldn’t it rain just during the night and then be dry during the day? How am I supposed to get my washing out and dry when it keeps raining?!!!

How is it that I was able to wear my shorts more times in April than I’ve so far managed in July? Why am I still having to wear my jeans? Why am I still having to wear socks? Why am I still having to wear a coat? In July!!! It’s just not fair!

OK, I know in the grand scheme of things there are bigger issues I could get upset about. I know there are far bigger injustices than me not being able to hang my washing out to dry or me not being able to wear shorts every day in July. But sometimes it is the smaller, seemingly insignificant things that make us stamp our feet and decry the unfairness of the situation.

So go on then, now’s your chance. What are those small things that lead you to say, “It’s not fair!”?

Ok, so there are those things. And of course, as we know, there are also plenty of things in our world that we should (and do) stand up for and shout out its unfairness. We know injustice is rife and it is right that we highlight injustice and fight against unfairness.

Right and proper though that is, that’s not actually where I’m headed this morning. I actually want to focus (and finish) on an aspect of unfairness that I’m incredibly thankful for.

How fantastic is it, how amazing is it, that God is unfair?!!!

God loves us. Unconditionally. Faithfully. Completely.
We have done nothing that could deserve that level of love. And yet, God loves us.
The best example of unfair I can think of! And I am so incredibly grateful.
And so I shall go and hang out my washing and then watch and wait for the rain, at which point I will send Thea out to go and bring it back in!! Amen and may you enjoy your day.

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