Zeph Daily 69

Morning, Julia here. Here is a short (1 question) movie quiz! Guess the film?

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The answer is: The Race to Witch Mountain (2009). I saw it for the first time late Sunday night. It’s the tale of 2 aliens, who look like human children, coming to Earth, and needing the help of a tough taxi driver and a savvy UFO scientist to get back to their spaceship and save both their planet and Earth. I think. I actually only saw the second half.

I loved it! One scene that I thought was brilliant involves two of the main characters, with Dr Alex Friedman chatting to taxi driver Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson about their current situation. It is a conversation that handily sums up their progress in the story, which is always useful in films with twisty turny plot development. I reckon Dr Friedman is pretty self-aware at this point, as she says to Dwayne:

“What are the odds that the aliens would crash near Vegas during a UFO convention. I’d get in your cab, then they’d get in your cab, and now we’re all in Harland’s mobile home with all his intel on where their ship is. That’s not luck. … That’s Chaos Theory.”

At this point I laughed, because I suspect that is not really what chaos theory is… but it sounded very scientific for the scientist to say and it provides a mild source of believability for anyone complaining the story was too convenient, so I’m all for it!

Dwayne asks Dr Friedman if she is talking about fate. As it happens, each member of their little party ends up being a hugely valuable member of the team, and they absolutely needed all 4 of them to join together to tackle their adventure. Dwayne called it fate, Dr Friedman (ambitiously) called it Chaos Theory, and I wonder if there might be people in real life who have experienced times when everything seemed to come into place at the right time despite all the odds, and called it God.

The day I volunteered at Re:Wind and John asked me if I wanted to work for Zephaniah, I was originally supposed to be working a shift at my job in York. The change of plan at the last minute put me in the right place at the right time, and I’m hugely thankful. As well as that, the conversation I had with Katie Jones about wanting to work for a charity was a really important part of it as well.

Thank God for the times you’ve been in the situations you’ve needed to be in. Thank him for the people who’ve been there with you.

To return to Witch Mountain, it is made very clear that each character in the team of 4 is needed to overcome their adversity. Dwayne is very good at punching baddies. Dr Friedman is very sciencey and good at plans. The alien children both have useful alien abilities.

In real life, everyone has purpose. Everyone has the capacity to do good, or to show love to other people. There are different things that come naturally to some people, and different things that people really enjoy.

The idea that we have a God who gives us purpose – a gift that provides us ways to have enjoyment, or to be fulfilled and have meaning – shows God’s love and attention to our wellbeing.

Thank God for things that you enjoy, and things that give you a sense of purpose.

Another aspect to the idea of God-given purpose, is how amazing it is that God wants to work with us. In John 15.15, Jesus says, “I no longer call you servants, for servants do not know what their master is doing. But I call you friends, because I have made known to you everything I heard from my Father.” The nature of how God wants to work with people shows that it is all about having a close relationship with God.

God includes us and entrusts us with his important work of making sure people know they are loved, because it is important for us to know that too.

It all comes back to how much God cares. God provides us ways to work with him for things that are really important, and make a difference – both for other people and in our own lives. Here’s a song celebrating the idea of spreading God’s light. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UofzLKJzu7Q

Pray that God will help you remember how important you are to him, and the excellent things he has planned for you.

Amen! Have a good day!

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