Zeph Daily 60

Morning all! Yvonne here today with a little challenge to get you started – can you find the words hidden in the picture?

No photo description available.

This is an impressive response! [Edit – the team found 6 words in our online challenge!] I am pretty much 99% certain that our Isaac would not have done as well as you guys. This is because he is rubbish at spotting stuff; and when I say rubbish, I really mean rubbish. He takes it to a whole new level so that we now have a saying in our family – if ever anyone can’t find anything (especially if it is something that is really obvious where it is) they are accused of ‘looking like an Isaac’!

I was reminded of Isaac’s less than impressive skills of observation last night, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a lovely photo a friend had posted.

Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor

She’d been walking home and had just stumbled across this wild poppy plant just growing out of the cracks next to a wall.

She was so struck by how lovely it was, just there, growing almost like a weed really, not planted deliberately, that she stopped to take a photo of it and then posted it on Facebook. I saw it and my mind went to thinking how there was virtually no chance that Isaac would have noticed that!

But I wonder how many of us would also have just walked on past and not noticed it?

We can, sometimes, get so wrapped up in our own little world, with looking at our phones instead of where we’re walking, or perhaps with stuff that’s weighing heavy on our minds, that we can miss what’s right in front of us.

Or maybe we look too much for the spectacular and miss the ordinary…which can be spectacular

And this thought has led me to one of Zeph’s favourite people – Stewart Henderson – and a poem about something very ordinary but really quite spectacular…..

What is the point of a goldfish?
What is it exactly they do?
They’re not very fast
And don’t often last
you can’t even put them in stew.

What is the use of a goldfish?
Their open mouths make them look dim.
It’s a tedious fact
that their sole daily act
consists of a half-hearted swim.

What is the crux of a goldfish?
Would they like to discover new seas?
Or get up at dawn
and race round the lawn
and feel what it’s like to have knees?

Would they like to shout ‘boo’ at the postman?
And bark at the starlings outside?
Or swallow the cat
thus becoming quite fat
and know what it’s like to be wide?

What is the mark of a goldfish?
It’s not like they do as they’re told.
It lacks any goal
but this fortunate soul
just woke up one day and was gold.

So, I started today with a challenge and I’m going to finish with a challenge – as you go through your day, try and notice some of God’s spectacular in the ordinary.

Happy ordinary spectacular hunting!

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