Zeph Daily 55

Morning, all!

Image may contain: 1 person, coffee cup, text that says "HELLO IS IT TEA YOU'RE LOOKING FOR?"

So what is your first drink of the day?

Last week I told you about the time someone couldn’t understand what I was saying, even though I only said 3 words. Today is kinda the opposite of that story….sort of…..a bit…..

Again, it happened when I was in Hungary. I’d gone there to be an English teacher at the International Baptist Lay Academy. Students came from all over Central and Eastern Europe to learn English and Theology. My first Sunday, I was taken by one of the other IBLA teachers to the International Baptist Church in Budapest. The person I went with had to sort some stuff out when we arrived, so she abandoned me to mingle alone.

I naturally headed straight to the tea and coffee table (they did this before their services rather than after). The person serving (a Brit, not that I knew that when I approached) asked what I wanted and so I replied, “Tea, please.” She then said, “Oh, hi! You must be the new IBLA teacher.” I was somewhat taken aback, to say the least. How did she know that? I was on my own, I’d never been there before, I’d never met her before, I didn’t have a badge on or anything to identify myself. How did she know????

It was my accent that gave me away. She’d heard where the new IBLA teacher was coming from and so when I asked for my tea, hearing my accent she put 2 + 2 together. From just 2 words!! 2 words!! Tea, please – that was all I’d said and yet she knew. 2 words and my accent identified me.

I have now lived in Bradford for nearly 23 years, longer than I have lived anywhere but my accent still loudly proclaims where I grew up. It is a huge part of my identity. But it doesn’t define who I am!

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ak0OoFBw3c

I am proud of my accent and how much a part of my identity it is. But as Paul wrote in Philippians 3:7-14 (feel free to go and have a read), it is nothing in comparison to knowing my identity in God. I am loved by Him, I am His child, that’s who I am.

Thank God that we can be found in Him, that our identity rests in Him, that we are loved exactly for who we are, wherever we may come from, however we may speak, whatever we may look like.

And one more song to have a listen to (if you want to), coz why not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GGFb6LcX3U…

My soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am Yours and You are mine! Amen. Have yourselves a boss day and see yous tomorrow 😁

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