Zeph Daily 52


It’s Friday morning. It’s John bidding you welcome to it. If you would care to enter the prizeless caption competition for the picture above, please feel free to do so.
While you’re being creative…  https://soundcloud.com/johnfroud/let-me-always-remember

I’d like to say it was a deliberate photo fusion, but that would be a lie. I was looking for an image to fit the lyrics for the “Standing in line” song and it wasn’t until I happily placed these two together that I realized what a good fit they are: heights, windows, floor, a “conversation piece.” Where this was fluke ( I can’t really say I was “led” to this composition), looking back I see that much of my life has been built, brick by considered brick.

I get to work with the most amazing people. Not just the zephteam—but, yes—them too. I often thank God for the people he has put round me at different times in my life. When I was little (I was, relatively), growing up in the manse, as well as my parents, there was a steady stream of ministers, university students and my big sister’s friends whose every educated word I would hang on and who all had some input into my growing up.

Via the conversation about cake on here the other day, I was reminded of my Sunday School teacher Edna Moxon who would invite us into her home. It wasn’t just a love of Battenburg that I took in there, but another angle on the Kingdom of God and my part in it.
I read on facebook yesterday that it would have been Ladderbanks teacher Mike Pollard’s 85th birthday. For those not knowing, he was beaten to death in 1997 while on holiday in Hungary. He and his wife Jo had been taking Bibles and food into Eastern Europe for 30 years. Back at home Mike used to run Christian events where children could be told about, but also see and feel God’s love in action.
Thank God for those who helped steer us in the right direction when we were young… …and put some names here, if you wish…

I began (and continued) my teaching career at Wycliffe CE Middle School in Shipley, working for a Headteacher, Tom Austwick, who said things like, “You can’t stop children learning—you can only hope to influence what they learn”. And who taught me important lessons like learning to see your classroom as a child walking in, and remembering that an angry parent would be upset about something else. Although sitting the smartest child nearest the door where visitors might ask questions to which they would get good answers was my idea.
Thank God for people who have taught us how to be better at what we do…Inspo

Apart from the wonderful zephteam, I have worked with musicians who have made me sound better than I am (recycled quote from Bryn Haworth; comedians who have made me laugh—sometimes t my embarrassment as I remember the gags at awkward moments; poets who have lit up my mind; storytellers who have hooked me on their storylines; artists who have released that childhood sense of “awe and wonder;” clergy who have blessed me with their ministry, non-specialist Christians who have moved me with the depth of their love.
Thank God for people who have shown us God’s love in what they are as well as what they do.

Comin’backatcha…We are not often aware of the impact we have on others. One of this year’s ordinands told me recently how the PKs were involved at the beginning of his faith journey. Who knew ?
“I am, like an old cow in an evening meadow, chewing the cud of memory and our joyous times trundling around the beloved schools of Shipley and beyond .“ So wrote Stewart Henderson this week, before going on to say how much he appreciated the support we, at Zephaniah have given him !!!
Thank God for using you to help others along the way: small children sitting on the floor in assemblies, adults round the edge, fellow workers, random adults who stop to chat or read your posts. Some of these you may never know about…

Although I/we can be serendipitous, God does it on purpose. You’ve got to be impressed. Enjoy being, and appreciate his builder’s skill…


and so it begins…have a good one!


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