Zeph Daily 40

Good morning, my little windy ones (Zephyrs) (see yesterday’s post)!! How are you all today?

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So there’s a little bit of deja vu to the start of my post today; you might have noticed that already! Last week I started off by talking about how Isaac desperately needed (and wanted) a haircut but wouldn’t let me do it – he wasn’t THAT desperate! Well yesterday, it happened!!!!!

Last week he was not ready to let me loose on his head but then when we heard at the beginning of the week that hairdressers would not be opening before July….that was just too much to bear (as was the amount of hair on his head)!

He’s a complex character though, is our Isaac and even though he’d decided he now wanted me to cut his hair, I knew I had to tread carefully throughout yesterday. I had to make sure Thea didn’t ask him about it, I had to make sure I didn’t mention it until it was time to actually do the deed. Too much attention given to it and he’d have backed out. And if he knew I’d mentioned it was going to happen on facebook, so loads of people knew, then I’d have had no chance!

I have learnt, over the years, when to be patient with him, when to take a step back, when to encourage, when to push, what is better left alone, which battles are worth fighting and which I just need to ignore.

All of this took my mind to Psalm 139. I know it’s one we’re pretty familiar with but go on, go and have a read of it now……go on, off you go!!

I’ve got to know our Isaac pretty well over the last 11 years but Psalm 139 reminds us just how well God knows us. He know us intimately; all our quirks, all our foibles, our good bits and our less good bits….and He loves us still! Even down to knowing the number of hairs on our heads (appropriate for today)! That in itself is staggering but then, consider the size, scale, magnitude and complexity of the universe. And then reconsider that fact that God knows each and every single one of us intimately. It’s no wonder v6 says,’such knowledge is too wonderful for me.’

Have a listen and a watch of the images that accompany this song.

Now we could discuss the use of the word ‘indescribable’ in this song, the fact that is normally carries negative connotations, but how about we put that to one side and just be awed by the sheer enormity of God, who is actually beyond any description! And then be further awed that He sees the depths of our hearts and He loves us just the same! Have a lovely day, all of you. Know that you are loved xx

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