Zeph Daily 14 – God is Good

Hello and good morning to you. It’s Julia doing Zeph@10 today.

Here is the design of an encouraging hoodie my sister used to have. Fun fact: fish do actually have teeth! I looked it up. Some even lose baby teeth and get new ones through. Anyway, I mainly wanted to look at the words under the fish.

smiling fish

“God is good.” It is a simple phrase, which can almost be taken for granted because we’re told it so early on, so it’s often easy to forget its importance. Fortunately, now and then (often when we remember to look) we get a reminder.

The other day, I was getting annoyed at a friend’s post on Facebook whose views I disagreed with. As I was getting wound up, I remembered Jesus’s words about loving your “enemies” and praying for those who hurt you (Matthew 5.14). In this passage, Jesus talks about not just loving your friends, but loving those we find hard to love- after all God doesn’t discriminate about who he loves, as he “sends rain to those who do right and those who do wrong” (verse 45).

So I prayed for the friend, thinking that while I strongly disagree with his views, I absolutely hope for God’s love and light in his life. As the tension I felt eased a little, I realised again that God’s way of doing life, with its radical and sometimes counter-intuitive responses, had broken through the negativity with goodness. God is good.

The task at the moment is to look around our hurting world and figure out where we can find God’s goodness.

God’s goodness does not stop with God. It is reflected back in anything he is involved in. The Bible tells us that people are made in God’s image- having something of God’s character within us is the foundation of who we are. In this way, we are wired to care for each other, show kindness and connect.

I have found that when you choose to show kindness to someone, that act/thought/intention somehow lifts you up and gives you life as well. When what we choose is aligned with God’s goodness, we resonate with the heart of God- we as people are in tune with God’s love.

There is a lot of sadness and hardship in the world at the moment. They say that when you watch bad things happening on the news, you should look for the helpers- there will always be people trying to make things better. When I’ve watched the news recently, alongside the bad things, there have been so so many reports about the things people have been doing to help each other. SO many helpers! People want to use their gifts and their time to find ways to connect, and to help each other, simply out of the kindness of their hearts. God is good.

However big the hardships are, the helpers don’t give up. The helpers don’t mean that the sadness isn’t there, and it wouldn’t work to pretend it isn’t. But amongst the sadness, goodness is so worthwhile. Here is a quote from Doctor Who, in the episode where they met Vincent Van Gogh, which I think sums it up beautifully:

van gogh

The idea that God thinks goodness is important, that our kindness matters, is a beautiful thing. It also does us good to remember that when we choose to care for others, we don’t have to do it alone- God is with us.

Let’s pray and thank God for his goodness, and all the goodness he gives to us.

Let’s thank God for all the good people are doing to help each other.

Let’s thank God for all the good people are doing to help each other.

Amen! Well done to us on a productive morning. Go make a brew as a reward.


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