Freestyle Part 9








Part 9 of our Easter Freestyle Series
By Zephaniah Associate, Poet & Broadcaster Stewart Henderson

Two haiku for Easter Sunday

A haiku is an ancient Japanese ‘precise’ poem, being a 17 syllable, 3-line verse consisting of 5 syllables for the first line, 7 syllables for the second line and then back to 5 syllables for the third line. Traditionally, the subject matter is about nature and the emotional response to such.
In the two haiku below, Stewart Henderson has adapted the haiku template for us to consider the ‘bouquet’, and ‘deep magic’, to quote C.S. Lewis, of Easter Sunday.

1) Abracadabra
now you see him…now you do;
can’t see how it’s done

2) Inhale the sweet air.
How can the very dead be
here and luminous?

Copyright (c) Stewart Henderson 2016


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