Truly Inspirational…

 My involvement with the Zephaniah Trust started four years ago with work experience, but my memory of them takes me back to primary school days, sat in the hall on a Thursday morning! The excitement in the playground on those days over the sight of John’s van was amazing!


It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with John, Julie and the team over the past few years. Their enthusiasm is infectious, whether its leading assemblies, holiday clubs, workshops or lessons – their ability to bring the Bible alive to young people who may not hear it anywhere else is amazing.

75846-dscf6950The Zephaniah Trust is truly inspirational to me and their achievements and work over the last 20 years is immense… Here’s to another 20 years of inspiring, touching hearts and opening up the Bible to so many more young people!!


Dan Breeze is another of our wonderful volunteers who began working with us as a work experience student. He is also an inspiration to us, as possibly the only person we’ve met who approaches re-setting chairs to the scarily specific instructions of different churches with the same cheerfulness as eating a curry. Dan, we salute you!

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