A Great Day!

We had the most wonderful day at our 20th birthday party on Saturday – thank you to everyone who joined us, joined in, affirmed us, prayed for us, donated – you’re all wonderful! We wanted to make sure you enjoyed it too, so we asked some of you to tell us what you thought…

“So pleased we were able to join your 20th birthday celebrations on Saturday afternoon. It was great to mark and celebrate the tremendous work you do in schools and with children in this area. Thank you Zephaniah Trust for inviting Stewart Henderson – I’ve been a fan since I first heard him perform when I was at school, so it was particularly moving for me to fast forward several decades and now see my six-year-old son enjoying and engaging with his poems. All in all, a lovely occasion and of course, I’ve had John’s fab songs going round my head for the rest of the weekend!”
Michelle Waterworth

I was dragged along by my daughter; however, it was lovely to see so many people I knew and I thoroughly enjoyed much of it! It was a “one of a kind” type of experience; just as Zephaniah is unique.”
Alison Dennison

I really liked the children’s comments on the video – showed their energy and humour which is such an important part of the work which Zephaniah Trust is involved in.”
Stephen Lamb, Associate


 “The highlight for me was Julie’s story. Very powerful.”
Elaine Schack

“My review might be slightly biased but for me the best things of the evening were those provided by John and the band, but particularly the story that Julie told, which was for me a kingdom moment. Keep up the good work! Also it was interesting being in the film as the straight man – a first for me!”
Colin Blake, Trustee

“The highlight for me was watching so many children singing and doing the actions to the songs & watching the video of the children in school, It was a wonderful afternoon with so many people enjoying themselves, well done Zephaniah.”
Pamela Hartley

 “I was introduced to Zephaniah Trust in October and learnt so much more on Saturday about the great work you are doing in the schools. Really looking forward to Zephaniah ‘bringing the Light’ into my school next term, when you will have your first assembly with us. The highlight of Saturday has to be the amazing children speaking with such enthusiasm about your work in their schools. Thank you so much for what you are doing amongst the children in our city. Look forward to seeing what the next 20 years brings!”
Karen Yates

“A super event ! Well done Zephaniah Trust team, thanks to Mark Greenwood and Stewart Henderson for their contributions.  A great evening celebrating all Zephaniah Trust has achieved over 20 years!”
Keith Jones, Trustee

 “It was great!”
Pauline Grant

“Fantastic and keep up the good work! God bless you all.”
Louise Le Parmentier

“Fantastic evening out, God bless you all.”
Pat Greenwood

“Praise Party in Bradford Cathedral was great fun – I’ll get you back for getting me up to do the actions to Don’t you know!!”
Mark Allison

“Really enjoyed this aft and tonight ’twas rather fab!”
Katie Jones, Associate

“Fantastic evening.”
Caroline Whitehouse

“That was a fantastic Praise Party this afternoon. I had a great time. And it was great to meet up with the whole team. BUT: THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME THAT YOU EVER SEE ME IN A FLIPPIN’ FROCK!!!!”
Kevin Russell

“It was great to come on Saturday afternoon and see not just the kids but the mums and dads (and grannies and granddads and aunties and uncles!) as well. It reminded me of how much joy you bring into the life of so many in the district. Now if you could only get rid of some of the “earworm” songs that keep going round my head at 3am it would be wonderful! With grateful thanks to John, Julie, Sheena and Jenny for all that you do.”
Sharron Arnold

If you’d like to make a donation towards our work as a 20th birthday gift, you can donate securely online here – VirginMoneyGiving.com

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