Do You Trust-mee???


Getting involved in Zephaniah Trust is a little like accepting an invitation to a friend’s for dinner, being asked to take along the dessert, and ending up helping with the starter and main as well! Twenty years down the line I’ve joined in prayerfully, musically, for fundraising, modelling [!], walking, stuffing envelopes, volunteering for many a school event, and somehow ending up a Trustee!!  The ‘meal’ in the end, however, always ends up satisfying, fulfilling and a wonderful time of friendship, fellowship and fun.

Food is always a good analogy for Zephaniah Trust involvement; you’re never far away from a cake, curry, bacon butty, MacDonald’s or just a fine cup of coffee in the office with Jenny. My daughter’s work experience seemed to entail a detailed inventory of local eating places between one school and another.

Being a Trustee, I’m happy to say, is not too onerous; three to four jovial meetings a year, with much more able people than I, able to appreciate Jenny’s hard work with the accounts, whilst I admire her beautiful colour coding and ability to print onto A3 with the office’s scary, large printer/photocopier.

So why do I do it? Because having three kids of my own I know the importance of taking every opportunity to signpost children to a Father God who loves them and wants to know them through Jesus. I remember my kids singing away at the dinner table all the songs John had sung with them in assembly that morning, and was struck that if my kids knew the words so well, so did 400 others from their school; what a legacy!!

And songs have a habit of sticking in your head; I just pray that those songs will be signposts for children in our area, pointing them to Jesus, for a long time to come.

Sharon Bavington is a Zeph trustee, volunteer, parent, ever-open listening ear, friend, and all-round lovely person. We’re glad she decided to get stuck into the Zephaniah meal!

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