If just one child remembers…

Emma Allison is an A-level student, talented musician, top demonstrator of actions, and one of our fabulous volunteers. She joined the Zeph Family when she did work experience with us…
My friends and I often discuss what our work experience weeks were like. They tell me about an office job, and I tell them about my week with Zeph. Of course when I mention a certain Mr Froud, they all get extremely excited and start reciting actions that they learnt when they were in primary school. I remember from primary school having Mark and Julie coming in and doing those action songs and telling us stories. I even remember the work experience person coming with them to my school assembly and doing what I would later move on to be doing myself. The fact that I remember those assemblies so well made me want to help out, and possibly be the work experience girl that just one child might remember. If going crazy at the front of a hall full of children meant that I could impact just one childs day, then I was not going to miss the opportunity for anything!
My work experience was jam packed. I took part in drumming workshops, bought fabric to set up displays, and did the actions to as many different songs as I can remember (I still seem to be pretty good at getting My God Shall Supply up to a quick speed). I extremely enjoyed, of course, seeing the kids faces when we walked into the hall as the kids realised it was a Zephaniah assembly. But also seeing the day to day running of a charity, and how many people give their time and money to such a good cause. I met so many lovely people and had a brilliant time talking to the kids. I recall one child asking me if I was Mr Frouds wife. Of course, the majority of the Zeph team happened to be there at the exact moment, which meant that I didnt live it down for the week!
The work that I saw on my week with Zeph was incredible. Whenever we went out, someone would say hello, or give us a wave. Its a true testament to the work that they do. Everyone knows who they are! I feel totally privileged to have joined the Zeph family, and I love to help out where I can with Zeph. I guess once youve joined, you never really leave!

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