You are a shining light…

Hilary’s Story
Once upon a time, a storyteller and a singer-songwriter came to shine their light in the schools of a small town in Dorset.
As they set off to school on that first morning they took with them Hilary, a local girl who was also keen to share the light with the young people of Wareham.
In the first class they visited, they sang songs, told stories, and read poems that brought the light of Jesus to all who heard.
Hilary listened, and enjoyed.
In the second class that they visited, they handed the poetry book to Hilary and invited her to join them at the front.
Hilary did as she was told, and enjoyed.
As the day went on, Hilary found herself more and more inspired by what she saw and heard, and she began to think “I wonder if I could do that?”
On sharing that thought with the storyteller and the singer-songwriter, they assured her that she could most certainly do that.
So she did – and does – and is still enjoying.


Thanks John and Julie.
Hilary Bond is one of our Zephaniah Associates, working in schools in Wareham, Dorset, where she leads assemblies and runs weekly in-school clubs, tells wonderful stories and writes wonderful songs, and lets visiting Zephaniah staff linger in her fabulous library…

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