Sing a Song…

Carol Barwick, Zeph friend, talented writer, and all-round lovely lady, will soon become our newest Associate – here’s what she’s penned in celebration of our 20th year!

Sing a song of Habibs 
And Kidz Klub and “that van”
This was when I met John Froud
And how it all began

Sing a song of Easter, Fast Forward and Rewind
This was when we worked with year 6 of every kind!
Sing a song of Pentecost
And all John’s well known songs
Up and down and all round the park
They joined his sing alongs!

Sing a song of fashion shows and 27 dresses
Vintage, second hand and new, each outfit did impress us!
Sing a song of makings things
And music, words and art
And of St Peters Shipley
Of which we’ve been a part

Sing a song of summer clubs and David Tennant blues
This is how we came to write for Julie and her muse

Sing a song of Halloween
Or not, let’s sing of light
Of Daryll Hackett and his knives
That gave the kids a fright!

So Happy Birthday Zeph Trust
My prayer in all you do
Is every day remember this –
God’s singing over you!!


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