Julie Wilkinson


Julie Wilkinson is a natural storyteller and communicator, taking her traditional performance style into schools, churches and communities for over fifteen years. She has a gift for bringing stories to life, discoving the magic within the mundane, and engaging audiences of all ages. She tells Bible stories and folk tales, original material and borrowed stories. Visit her personal blog, The Hidden Spaces.



Julie’s assemblies are eagerly anticipated in her regular schools, where she uses anecdotes from her own life or folk tales to link with Bible stories, encouraging pupils to develop their understanding of the world and their place within it. She uses humour and an eye for detail to draw out universal human experience, enabling children to identify with her stories.
She visits RE lessons, drawing on her own faith to help pupils understand Christianity, and provides lessons or workshops in storytelling, writing and drama, as well as giving performances and storytelling sessions. Julie pioneered and runs our ground-breaking Refugee Voices drama project for KS2 and above, and she has specialist training in working with children with attachment difficulties.



Stories are not just for children…
Julie is an experienced and engaging speaker and is happy to visit churches and community groups to talk about her work and share her stories. She has developed a set of stories for performance to grown ups, Sparks of Hope, which can be booked as a concert set featuring music from John in between the stories.
Julie has written a collection of scripts and stories for use in churches and some of these are available to purchase in Sparks of Hope: The Christmas Resource She also developed and produced The Vegetivity, a short film retelling the Christmas story through vegetables. She regularly plans and runs children’s events including holiday clubs and praise parties.