Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices is our groundbreaking drama project, using real life stories of refugees to challenge stereotypes and educate children on global issues, through professional drama and storytelling tuition. 

What is it?

Refugee Voices is a script telling the stories of refugees who have lived in or passed through Bradford, in their own words, written by our storyteller, Julie Wilkinson, and produced in partnership with Bradford City of Sanctuary and Bradford Action for Refugees.

In schools, we work intensively with small groups of students from upper key stage 2 (year 5+) and above to prepare and perform the script to their peers, supplemented by myth-busting workshops and lessons around the issue.

What are the benefits to schools?

  • Training in drama/storytelling techniques from professional performers
  • In-depth education around the issue of refugees, promoting British values as defined by Ofsted
  • True stories of those living in Bradford, promoting community cohesion
  • The opportunity to become part of the Sanctuary in Schools project

Beyond schools

Refugee Voices has been performed by groups of adults and young people in a variety of community settings, and some of our school groups have gone on to perform at the Launch of Refugee Week in Bradford, always to great acclaim.

If you are interested in hosting Refugee Voices at your school, youth club, or community group, please get in touch.