Zeph Daily 10

Morning all! John here again today!

Ok, so it’s actually Yvonne writing today but, as John has spotted, today is April 1st! It doesn’t feel like a usual April Fools Day though, no usual pranks on the front pages of newspapers. But despite the lack of pranks, it did set me to thinking about my own general foolishness!

I have been known to do the occasional foolish thing over the years. What about you?


When I was little, we used to go on holiday to a farm in North Wales every year. And every year, we’d get there, I’d get out of the car and run across the farmyard to where there was a big stone wheel with a handle attached. It was for knife-sharpening and I thought it was so cool! Unfortunately, it was in a small pit in the ground, surrounded by nettles. Every year, I’d run to this wheel and every year I’d fall in and get loads of nettle stings all over my legs! Every year! I mean, what kind of foolishness is that? To do it once, careless; to do it every year though!!?????


It looked a little like this but even older! It really was cool!


My foolishness has continued through to adulthood, though I haven’t fallen in a nettle patch recently!

Now I suppose I could get depressed at the level of my foolishness (which sometimes really seems to know no bounds!) or…..I could turn to my Bible. I love, really actually love the number of people in the Bible who do foolish things.


The list seems almost endless and, like me, some of the foolishness was repeated foolishness, not just a one-off. But, despite people’s foolishness, still God used these people, still God loved these people.

We all (even you, Jenny!) do foolish things sometimes but I love that no matter what we do, God is still going to be there loving us as much as ever, still wanting to use us to be His light to those around us.


So whilst there may not be very much pranking or merriment about on this traditionally foolish day, why don’t we just take a bit of time out to be thankful that despite our own foolishness, we are loved by the most seriously awesome God. And do you know what, why not also, while we’re on it, take some time to thank God for some of our foolishness – after all, it’s in our weaknesses that God is strong. This morning, let’s just praise our God because we know He loves…whatever we do, wherever we go. We know He’s always got something for us…..


Thanks Yvonne! Julie will be back tomorrow morning at 10am over on Facebook– see you then!



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