Julia Leech


Julia Leech is gifted with the ability to get alongside people wherever they are. Effortlessly blending her sense of fun with a willingness to get stuck in and do whatever is needed, she has honed her gifts in a range of settings, working in schools, youth groups, and with refugees. She plays guitar, bass, and piano, and has a theology degree from York St John’s.


Julia takes regular assemblies in schools across Bradford, much to the delight of the children who hear them, from whole school groups to small Christian assemblies. Her lightness of touch and sense of humour make her presentations easily accessible for all ages. She coordinates our Prayer Spaces, a mobile project enabling students to access spiritual reflection on their own level, and also provides a one-on-one early intervention service in partnership with TLG.


As a project worker, Julia is pioneering work to link churches with children and young people in their communities, setting up and running after school youth groups in partnership with local churches alongside training volunteers to eventually take over the work. She works regularly with Biasan, running weekly support groups for refugees, is on the board for Sanctuary in Schools in Bradford, and is on the committee for the Bradford Refugee Forum.