Zeph Daily 22

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Morning ! Routine John today with a photo of a cat who is going nowhere…
And a song from Queensbury to start. https://soundcloud.com/johnfroud/faithful-god

Following yesterday’s thoughts on hearing God.. Our reasons for not responding to God’s voice are many and varied.
Sometimes we don’t hear because of the background noise (no, honestly, didn’t hear)
Sometimes we didn’t quite believe we heard it right ( you what?)
Sometimes we hear but forget (what did I come upstairs for ?)
Sometimes we hear but just don’t want to do that (see photo above).

Jesus told a whole parable about that. I rewrote it in 1994 for an assembly story…
“Your homework for tonight is to watch television,” said Miss Strict. Her class were silent, stunned by the unexpected good news. Homework was usually spellings or Maths, but tv? A smiling whisper ran round the classroom.
“But,” her voiced raised a little, ”tomorrow you will have to show me that you watched it. There will be a test.” A moan of disappointment. She told them which channel and at what time the programme was to be broadcast and promised Essie who didn’t have a television at home that she could watch the recording in school before class in the morning.
The children went home and most of them remembered to watch the programme…
Some of them were talking with friends and didn’t really pay much attention although the programme was on.
Some of them watched, but then watched something else, and another programme and another programme and soon had forgotten everything they had seen…
…and some of the class didn’t even have the television switched on!
But some of them made themselves comfortable in front of the television, put their thumbs in their mouths and watched with eyes and minds wide open.
Guess who did best in the test the next day!

Now, here’s an old story. After a particularly inspiring sermon (?) a young man in the church thought he had heard God’s call to go to Africa as a missionary. So he prayed, long and hard (and often) “Lord do you want me to go to Africa for you?”
Passionate, persistent, repetitive, and occasionally loud, prayer to the embarrassment of those sitting on the row in front. “Lord do you want me to go to Africa for you?”
All the time he was searching for an answer from God. “Lord do you want me to go to Africa for you?”
One day his prayer, “Lord do you want me to go to Africa for you?” was answered by God. And he heard it.
“Are you still here?”

Listening (joining in ? multi-tasking ?) time…

You may be wondering about the relevance of the music to my drift this morning… Although for whichever of those many reasons, we may not respond to God’s call, he is always faithful, always good, his mercies new every morning.
Read again sometime the stories of Thomas and Peter after the resurrection of Jesus. They were not getting it. Not being brave enough (Peter) or trusting enough (Thomas). Jesus shows them forgiveness and a re-purposing. Like Repair Shop. Although, he might send a whale to get you where he wanted…
Prayers of grateful thanks may be appropriate here…

Let’s resolve to always thank God for his faithfulness to us, whether or not we hear, see, mess up, turn up for church, give up in despair, respond to his call, don’t have time for our prayer time… It’s Jenny on Monday…

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