Zeph Daily 21

Good morning, zephpeeps – and any others who have wandered in (or been led) . Not Julie Thursday, but John…

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Some years ago I was invited into a school to lead a Christian Union session on prayer. We all sat round on tables – it wasn’t a lesson so that’s alright – and I was introduced. Pronounced correctly as I recall. “I have been asked to talk about prayer,” I said. ”Don’t.”
There was a brief embarrassed silence as the leaders visibly but silently panicked, and then I went on (and probably on – see yesterday’s Zeph@10 from Yvonne.)
The gist of it was: don’t pray unless you’re prepared for God to say something uncomfortable, challenging, dangerous?

God is always speaking to us. And always showing us things. Sometimes even through Zeph@10s. I work with discerning, gifted people who simply point us to God. We just have to open our eyes – as basic as waking up in the morning (or after a meal – I’m old now) and see what’s going on. Listen for comfortable words, and difficult to deal with words. “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord” can be a cop-out, even for a prophet.

Hear the words of David Hockney…

As many people know, my life with Zephaniah was kick-started by a drive down the A1 southbound through North Yorkshire. The road is much better – and quicker – now, but it is still dull. No stunning scenery, mountains, cathedrals or football grounds to catch the eye. The task is to keep to the speed limit and drive, mostly straight. I had needed a way to get from teaching to working this music ministry, but couldn’t see the way from A to B.
God said….and I heard him. Pray thanks for when God said, and you heard him.

Painting the railings at the front of our house cost me 5 years as Church Secretary! It is such a boring job (painting the railings), working the brush up and down, up and down, pausing every now and then to put more paint on the brush, every now and then to wipe the drips off the wall. Nothing to keep my mind occupied, to supply diversionary activity.
God said….and I heard him. Pray thanks for when God gave you a challenge – and stayed with you through it all.

Have you noticed how many clergy have a sabbatical and then move on soon after?
Jesus went into a desert because he knew he wouldn’t be disturbed. In the garden his friends went to sleep. These lyrics were written on an aeroplane. It’s not isolation or solitude that does the trick. It’s clearing our heads of the extra noise.

Pray for others – family, friends, for Isaac and Issy, for key workers, world leaders; pray for yourselves; and then be brave and listen…

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