Zeph Daily 20

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Greetings and most joyous salutations to you all on this gloriously sunny Spring morning!

A question I often ask is why use 1 word when you can use 14?!!! Our Thea tends to live her life that way! In the last couple of weeks, she’s taken to saying, “Mum…….actually, nothing. I think I just needed to say something!”

I probably ought to hold my hands up to being partly responsible for her chattiness. She is, after all, my daughter and it has been noted by one or two people that I can sometimes talk a bit. Strong genes, as someone (John Froud) often says.

In the Bible, we are encouraged time and again to talk to God. There are so many examples of people throughout the whole Bible who spent time talking with God. We know how important this is but I sometimes think we can talk too much to God. Controversial?! I don’t think so. Bear with…..

Our daily exercise usually sees us wandering through our local woods and occasionally, just occasionally, some of the time is spent in companionable silence; but that doesn’t tend to last for long before Thea seems to feel the need to fill the silence with talking!

It can be too easy, when praying, to fill the time with talking. Julia shared yesterday about how it’s our relationship with God that matters most. I’m just following on from her train of thought. We know that we develop and strengthen our relationships with people by spending time with them and we know that it is no different with God. God desires our companionship. But it shouldn’t be just a one-way stream of traffic.

Have a listen again to the song Julia put up yesterday:

“I will be still and know You are God.” Just as I enjoy the companionable silence we occasionally get on our walks, companionable silence with God is something to be treasured….however difficult we may sometimes find it to do!

As we spend time in one another’s company, so our relationships deepen. Thea’s genes are partly what make her who she is; who she spends her time with also moulds her personality. We are God’s children, made in His image. That in itself helps makes us who we are. The more time we spend with Him will also mould our personalities.

So as we pray today, with what I suspect is an ever-growing list of concerns and people, let’s just take time to be with God in companionable silence.

I will be still and know You are God!

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