Be part of the celebrations!

Be part of the celebrations!
The last twenty years wouldn’t have been possible without you – our Zephaniah friends and supporters. And our 20th birthday celebrations won’t be complete without you either!

Whether you’ve supported us by giving your time, your money, your prayers, your listening ears, your support, or your interest; whether you can be there in the Cathedral on 22 March or not – we want you to be part of our birthday celebrations.

So, we’ve created an online form – available here – which we’d love you to complete and send to us. You don’t have to fill in every box. Here’s what we’re asking for:

1) A Birthday Greeting
We’re compiling a birthday book full of birthday greetings. This will be available at the Cathedral on 22 March for you to write in personally, but if you can’t be there or you’d rather do it now so you don’t forget, you can send us your greetings now.

2) Zephaniah Memories
Release your inner storyteller and tell us what Zephaniah means to you – do you remember when you first discovered us? Have an anecdote, funny story, or memory to share? Has one of John’s songs or albums stayed with you over the years? Or has one of Julie’s stories spoken to you? We want to know! Share your stories with us!

3) A Birthday Poem
We want to create a big community birthday poem in the style of John’s poetry workshops – so we’re challenging you to capture something of Zephaniah and the last twenty years in a single line of ten syllables or less. Feel free to send more than one line – just make it clear where one line ends and another begins. We’ll be sharing examples on here as we go, but if you stick to the ten syllable guideline, you can’t possibly get it wrong!

What d’you say? Will you join us? Follow the link here and let your creativity run riot…

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